Your Solution to Automated Waterblasting

StoneAge created AutoPacks to simplify the process of adding automation to your equipment fleet with self-contained kits designed for plug and play use in the most common waterblasting applications.

What are Autopacks?

autopack_pro_thumb.pngOver the years, StoneAge has introduced the broadest line of automated equipment available in the marketplace. With all of these options, the next step is to offer a simple and effective packaged solution.

Each AutoPack is built around a specific piece of StoneAge automated equipment and contains all the components and accessories needed to perform fully automated Pipe Cleaning, Tube Cleaning, Drain Cleaning, or Surface Cleaning right out of the box.

StoneAge AutoPack kits are designed to help you tackle challenging jobs and exceed plant hands-free safety requirements while increasing the productivity and organization of your workforce.

  • Automated Equipment increases the safety and productivity of your crew
  • Standardized kits keep your workforce organized and efficient
  • Job box protects your equipment, simplifies transport, and minimizes set-up time
  • Customized storage inserts allow quick visual inventory management
  • Build your reputation for quality and safety

Autopack Range




Triple Lance Kits for Exchanger & Fin Fan Tube Cleaning

The AutoBox ABX-3L is an automated system for hands-free tube bundle and Fin Fan heat exchanger cleaning applications. It is designed to run triple, dual, or single flex lance setups with an emphasis on portability, ease of setup, and safety.

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Dual Lance Kits for Exchanger & Fin Fan Tube Cleaning

The AutoBox ABX-2L is an automated system for hands-free heat exchanger tube cleaning applications. It is designed with an emphasis on safety, ease of setup, portability and reliability. When paired with StoneAge Banshee rotary tube cleaning nozzles and lightweight positioner, the AutoBox ABX-2L offers safe and efficient tube cleaning in the harshest exchanger environments.

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Single Hose Kits for Pipe & Drain Cleaning

The AutoBox ABX-PRO hose feed device has been engineered to quickly and safely clean a broad range of pipes with or without a flange. The system is lightweight and designed for portability making it the perfect tool for limited access applications.

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Lightweight Positioner Equipment Kits

The Lightweight Positioner is used in conjunction with AutoBox automated flex lancing systems for controlled, efficient, and safe cleaning of heat exchanger tube IDs and bundle face surfaces. It is specifically designed to be modular, lightweight, easy to setup, and expandable to allow for cleaning of different sized heat exchangers.

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