world-oil-ad-2.jpgStoneAge is seeking field testing candidates interested in slimhole wellbore clean-out tools

SC-125_beauty_sized.jpgSpinCat sc-125

The Slimhole SpinCat SC-125 is one tough little tool, and one of the only 1.25 OD CT rotating wash nozzles available.

The origin of the SC-125 design is StoneAge’s patented UHP hydroblasting tool technology. However, because it is very small — too small for threaded carbide orifice inserts to be machined in the head — the orifices are predrilled into the head before heat treating.

For test purposes we have manufactured two flow sizes:
1.0 bpm @ 4000 psi and .5 bpm @ 4000 psi.


SC-125 Specifications and Use Data:
Safe Working Pressure 5000 psi
Flow 1.0 bpm @ 4000 psi and 0.5 bpm @ 4000 psi
Orifice Size 0.094 Ø x 5 (Cd of 0.7)
Cv 2.5
Length 8.24 in. (3/4” AMMT)
Outside Diameter 1.25 in.
Safe Working Loads 11,000 psi tensile / 21,000 psi compressive
Maximum Temperature 390 °F


Additional information for field testing

  • Maximum Test Pressure: 15,000psi.
    Bench tests were performed, 2.0 bpm at 15,000 psi for two hours with no detectable wear. SpinCat patented UHP  hydroblasting tools are rated to 22,000 psi.
  • Designed to be compatible with common well service chemicals including HCL and energized fluids. Not intended for dry N2 service.
  • Not intended for abrasive service but will tolerate mild and transient abrasive particles, which may or may not accelerate wear. Particle size should be no more than 1/3 the size of the orifice ID to prevent plugging.
  • Cv for calculating pressure loss through the tool is 2.5 - at 1 bpm thepressure loss through the tool would be 282 psi.
  • Please use the tools as you normally would, the heavier the use the better. Please try to provide us with a complete record of everything the tool experiences during every job. i.e. the fluids pumped, pressures, rates, working loads, times, etc including the well conditions on each job.


Let us know if you'd Like to be considered for field testing >>>